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Virtual Science Fair Return Under Consideration
Not Before Spring 2021

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Testing Projects

The best method of checking your project is
 1)to use a different computer than you normally use.
 2)Browse to the URL
  (replace your_userid with your unique userid).

Your can also test by entering your userid in the textbox below and clicking "Check"  

   Your userid   

Of course you still must check that all the links work and all the images etc. display properly. Absolutely no live links to pages outside the VSF are allowed. Absolutely NO link to YouTube etc. Have you a complete Project Information Page?

Fast Facts
  • 14th Annual Online Science and Technology Fair
  • Everyone in Grades K - 12 Welcome
  • Absolutely Free
  • $10,000 in Cash Prizes
  • Low Carbon Footprint - No Travel
  • Positive Use of Computer/Internet Technology
  • Learn New Technology Skills
  • Research a Topic of Interest
  • Perform Experiments and Descriptive Studies
  • Students Build Websites to Display Results
  • Help Available for Teachers and Students
  • Free Permanent Website Hosting
  • All Projects Judged - Certificates for Everyone
  • French, English, and First Nations Languages
  • Projects Due April 30, 2014
  • More Fast Facts
Project Website Components
A good Virtual Science Fair project website will include many of the following components.
  • Text
  • Photographs Tip#1
  • Drawings
  • Tables
  • Graphs
  • Animations
  • Video
  • Quizzes
  • Games
  • Sound
  • Ideally the project website will be constructed using dedicated website authoring software such as Dreamweaver, WSIWYG, iWeb or NVU(Free)
  • Much less ideally , standard office applications such as Word, Publisher and PowerPoint may be used.
  • Animation software such as Flash can be used to create entire websites as well as animations.
  • Image editing software such as Fireworks is essential for preparing photographs for the website.
  • FTP software such as FileZilla (Free) is useful.
  • Video editing software is needed to prepare video.
  • Software Central - Under Construction
  • NOTE: The bright and ambitious can create an excellent website with only Windows Notepad and FileZilla


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